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Wholesale Supplier Product Import & Export Datafeed Automation

supplier data feed

Wholesale Supplier Product Import & Export Datafeed Automation. Many shopping cart owners download product information manually from their distributors, supplier or wholesaler in a file, do a manual conversion to fit the import setting of their shopping cart and then upload output spreadsheet into their shopping cart. The entire manual process is cumbersome, error prone  and not repeatable. I am sure it is a large number of shopping cart owners that does this! If you are a shopping cart owners and this is a task you are regularly doing, then I suggest you try a free product feed generator at easypopulatewizard.com

The task at hand as a manual task is tedious, time consuming and at the very least is subject to human error. Then it’s a task that will need to be performed fairly frequently, possibly every day and in some cases every hour. If you have a shopping cart with a lot of traffic and sales, you simply cannot update inventory in this manner. Most distributors out there provide files with product and inventory information often called product data feed that you can download regularly or you can access by way of an ftp, url, direct download or api methods. Several well established distributors like DBL Distributing, Pixmania, RSR Group, Moteng, etc allows for manual or automated download of product information using their product data feed.

Vast majority of shoppong cart like oscommerce, creloaded, zen cart, oscmax, prestashop, etc allow direct and automated product information update. However it is not easy to implement automated product feed generation. Automating product data feed generation requires specialized scripting and programing skill that most shopping cart owners do not have. This is where the free service at easypopulatewizard.com is useful; easypopulatewizard.com allows you to bring in your supplier product feed, manipulate it to conform to your shopping cart specifications then you can update the output directly to your shopping cart.

The key is to focus on streamlining your processes, especially the manual and repetitive ones. It really is amazing how many processes are done manually, that can be automated. You should be focusing your time on sales and marketing, not on product and inventory maintenance.