CWR Electronics Inventory Product DataFeed Import Automation

cwr electronics datafeed

CWR Electronics Inventory Product DataFeed Import Automation system provides complete control of product datafeed update. The frequency (hourly, daily, weekly or custom) can be set and controlled using cron or any job scheduler; even with online job scheduler like cronless, webcron. It automatically updates product details like product name, brand and description, inventory details like quantity, price, upc code. Also it automatically download and manage product images. No manual intervention is required at any time for any process.

When new products are added to wholesale or supplier inventory, such products are automatically added to store, similarly when products are out of stock, such products are updated with status that will take them off-line until they become available.

The CWR Electronics product feed automation supports cvs, excel and XML file import automation from CWR Electronics – The system works for WooCommerce, osCommerce, Zen Cart, CreLoaded, osCmax complete with products details, products image download, price mark up and product exclusion capability that can be controlled from admin panel.

CWR Electronics Inventory Product DataFeed Import Automation Key Features:

* Automatic and seamless download and processing of supplier feed file.

* Automatic upload of product data – product price, product name, product description, product upc, product category, product quantity, product images, product manufacturer, etc.

* Sync with CWR Electronics inventory based on your schedule – new products will be added, and out of stock items will be disable automatically.

* Admin interface for price markup control and management with product selection filters based on category, price, weight and quantity exclusions.

* Automatic application of price markup ( increase or decrease using fixed number amount or percentage )

* Flexibility to extend automation to amazon feed, ebay, product search comparison engines like, shopmania, etc.

* Flexible and accurate system to implement manufacturer imposed MAP pricing requirements.

* Timely notification and tracking of processing activities during and after product loads.

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Shipwire Shipping Rate Quotes Integration

shipwire shipping rate
shipwire shipping rate

Implement Shipwire Shipping Rates API on your shopping Cart to efficiently get shipping rate.
Shipwire Shipping Rates API integration is now available for all oscommerce based shopping cart. Free demonstration and reference to live site using this module is available upon request. If you are a Shipwire customer this is a good module to add to your site because it provides accurate shipping estimates for your on-line shopper, saves you and your customer money and it ensures fast delivery of their purchase. According to Shipwire, the Shipping Rates allow any e-commerce application to integrate real-time shipping rates into their checkout process.

This means instant quotes automatically from the warehouse closest to each customer! You can now reliably offer shipping quotes straight from the Shipwire system and have accurate charges reflected to the customer. When making purchasing decision and before checkout, customer wants to have a good idea of the shipping cost. Providing accurate shipping cost effectively during these times is very important. It works seamlessly with all oscommerce based shopping cart.

Shipwire Shipping Rates API Integration Key Points

  • Create custom shopping cart api connections.
  • Integrate Shipwire services into your checkout system.
  • Deliver a world-class e-commerce experience customized to your business needs.
  • Create flows which are both tightly integrated and highly automated.
  • Fast and efficient shipping rate delivery.